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C - Arithmetic Operators

विवरण :

  • C Programming में ६ प्रकार के Operators होते है |
    1. Arithmetic Operators(+,-,*,/)
    2. Relational Operators(<,>,<=,>=,==,!=)
    3. Bitwise Operators(|,&,~,^,<<,>>)
    4. Logical Operators(&&,||,!)
    5. Assignment Operators(=,<=,>=,|=,+=,-=,*=,/=,&=,^=)
    6. Increment/Decrement (++/--)

    C Programming में पांच प्रकार के Arithmetic Operators होते है |
    1. Addition(+)
    2. Subtraction(-)
    3. Multiplication(*)
    4. Division(/)
    5. Modulus(%)


सोर्स कोड :

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>

void main() {

int a,b,c;

printf("Enter two numbers");

printf("\nAddition of a and b is %d",c);

printf("\nSubtraction of a and b is %d",c);

printf("\nMultiplication of a and b is %d",c);

printf("\nDivision of a and b is %d",c);

printf("\nRemainder of a and b is %d",c);



आउटपुट :

Enter two numbers 12 6 (you entered : 12 6)
Addition of a and b is 18
Subtraction of a and b is 6
Multiplication of a and b is 72
Division of a and b is 2
Remainder of a and b is 0